Acne scars and pigmentation–OSU Cosmetic Dermatology

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I do primarily focus on anti aging. However, like I said when we're trying to
bring out the most beautiful feature or trying to restore youth many problems with the skin
can cause issues that become a cosmetic concern, one of which is acne scarring and pigmentation. We do have procedures and I talk to patients
about a spectrum. We have topicals that help with many of those
things then as we move along the spectrum we can do other things that are more aggressive. Now one of the other things is called microneedling,
which restores collagen, helps with pigment and is safe to use in all skin types. We also can do lasers that get rid of the
brown spots and all the way up to resurfacing lasers, which is the gold standard for acne
scarring. But we have everything in between and I offer
the full spectrum to make a clean palette to really enhance your beautiful features
without all the background noise of acne scarring and pigmentation left from prior dermatologic

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